Educator-Led FETC Workshops We'd Hate to Miss

The Future of Education Technology Conference is next week, and we can't wait! Since teachers are the experts on learning, here are our picks for the best educator-led events.

Technology Integration to Reach All Learners with UDL & GSuiteEDU

Looking for creative, low-budget, inclusive, tech-oriented ideas for your classroom environment? In this session , Berkeley County School District Instructional & Technology Coach Pam Hubler offers a quick overview of Universal Design for Learning principles that can help teachers provide personalized and differentiated instruction. Attendees also get help with GSuite for Education and other educational tools, plus free resources to take back to school.

STEAM It, Code It, Invent an App!

Mountain View Elementary School Instructional Technology Coach Terry Guiffré teams up with USPTO Program Advisor Tanaga Boozer to teach educators how to engage students in app design, development, and implementation. They'll also discuss how intellectual property protection in the form of patents, trademarks, and copyrights plays a vital role at each stage--from concept to product.

The workshop will include instruction on coding and digital citizenship and explain how apps can be used throughout the curriculum for all grade levels.

Dyslexia: Deep Dive to Success!

Carol Allen, senior education advisor for the Hartlepool Borough Council, was named one of the top ten educators in 2018 in the field of edtech for her inclusion work. Her hands-on workshop will look at a range of ideas, strategies, and resources to improve access to learning, reduce anxiety, and build self-esteem for students with dyslexia.

Students Design and 3D Print Prototypes to Solve Real-World Problems

Xandy and Chase Whitman of The Practical Educator will demonstrate how students can work within creative constraints to produce a product that will not only solve a problem, but also provide the opportunity for entrepreneurship. Using this approach , students are presented with real-world problems faced by STEM professionals, and then challenged to design and 3D print working prototypes of their solutions. During the workshop, a field-based engineer will provide CAD tutorial videos and an example prototype.

Gen Z: It’s Complicated

Randy Ziegenfuss, Superintendent in Pennsylvania's Salisbury Township School District, questions whether we really know our Generation Z learners. To help teachers (and parents) build strong relationships with these students, his session will use research by author danah boyd ( It’s Complicated ) and a contemporary marketing firm. Ziegenfuss hopes to challenge attendees' assumptions and brainstorm strategies to meet the needs of today’s digital generation.

See you at the conference! For more free teacher-crafted, teacher-approved resources, attend our Learning Lab or chat us up at Booth 2649 in the Expo Hall.