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Visual drafting software to transform the patent process for engineers, plus life-long skills gained through free training with patent attorneys


PatentDive Creator provides an intuitive, collaborative, visual platform for rapid product iteration and protection. Now in beta, this software has resulted in patents awarded to PatentDive’s early testers. It also makes it easy to update existing applications and prepare continuation-in-part applications.

Creator enables users to learn patent drafting for life-long use. Most importantly, it empowers engineers with flexibility by reducing the mental, administrative and financial burdens associated with protecting IP.


You’ll get access to an app that helps you communicate your novelty more effectively. PatentDive Creator will automatically prepare drawings, text and flow charts for non-provisional patent applications.

You’ll get training to help you prepare patent applications, including claims, effectively—so that you can do it yourself forever. This training is led by a registered patent attorney who is a certified PatentDive drafting instructor.

Ideal candidates

  • Consider patent filing an important part of their current business process
  • Currently hold a patent or have filed at least two non-provisional patent applications with an attorney
  • Want to create a portfolio and file at least one new or continuation-in-part patent application per month for a year

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