Patent STEM Curriculum
A project-based, hands-on curriculum that teaches collaboration skills, as students engage and invent to solve real-world issues while internalizing STEM fundamentals
Who is it for?

The Educator curriculum is adaptable to kids at a wide range of ages and proficiencies. Levels vary in terms of complexity and STEM proficiency. PatentDive Educator was developed in collaboration with teachers to support their goals to engage students on real-world issues in STEM.

How does it work?

PatentDive Educator is a customizable turnkey solution. The curriculum includes lectures, PowerPoints, activities, objectives, group and individual Projects, 3D printed files and parts, and teacher notebooks. Schools can choose from a variety of pre-set curricula variations—including robotics, prosthetics, and solar-powered transportation.

Why learn about Patents?

Meaningful innovation education isn’t just an enriching activity for kids. The workforce actively rewards people who have patent knowledge, through better opportunities and higher wages. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has found that average weekly wages in IP-intensive industries are 42% higher than in other sectors. In specifically patent-based industries, the wage premium is even higher (73%). And this premium is growing.

Inspire the
next generation
of inventors

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